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CARLTON TOWNHOUSE DEVELOPMENT. Melbourne, Australia, 2012-2013
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The brief was to convert what was previously a disused industrial site into a townhouse estate, located within an inner-city cul-de-sac off Rathdowne Street. The existing site is only accessible via one-way bluestone lanes, which gives the proposed development a more secluded and "exclusive oasis" setting.

Seven new three and four-storey upmarket townhouses are proposed, two of which are a part-conversion of an existing brick warehouse located on the site. The site itself is enclosed by existing seven metre high brick walls, which create an almost gated-community environment.

Green roofs, courtyard gardens and light wells have been placed throughout the development to enhance quality of space and use for occupants, since the location is adjacent to main arterial roads; it also enables all rooms (including bathrooms) to have access to natural light and ventilation. Careful consideration has also been given to avoid overlooking and over-shadowing of neighbouring residents.

The materials used are predominantly masonry and metal cladding, which are both prevalent in the area and make reference to the former industrial site.

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