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This project initiated after completing an elective course in Furniture Design at RMIT University. The form of the armchair (more specifically reading chair) was derived literally from the shape of a book and consists of a timber "cover", foam "pages" and "reading light" headrest. The seat is able to recline on the curved aluminium legs, which express the function of the piece.

In 2004 'The Rocker' was displayed at 'The Edge' Exhibition for the Australian International Furniture Fair, in Sydney and also at the 'Fringe Furniture Festival' at the Melbourne Museum.

The design is influenced by elements of 'pop furniture' movement from the 1960’s-70’s and 1980’s post-modern work, in particular from the Memphis group. The materials used reflect my preference for metals due to their versatility, finish and strength-to-weight ratio, while the timber provides warmth to touch. The chair is able to be assembled from a small kit of parts and was designed in such a way that a series of seats could be linked together in a row.

slide show gallery

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