Les Jardins de Tilia, Brussels, Belgium, 2006-2008

I was part of the project team while working at Conix Architects in Brussels, for the design of a new five-storey apartment complex for the ‘Bouygues’ construction group.

The scheme consists of 240 apartments that are arranged in two L-shaped blocks around an internal courtyard. The apartment types vary from studios to 3-Bedroom units, with individual private open spaces throughout. Being located on a prominent corner site, the main difficulty we encountered was trying to maintain a consistency of streetscape with surrounding low-rise housing while attempting to break-up the vast scale and mass of the complex. The solution was two-tone brickwork, as bricks are the dominant material used in the country which makes them an affordable option.

The proposed complex follows the outline of the street and varies in heights to create movement and reflect the preferred neighbourhood character. Green roofs and rainwater storage tanks were introduced as part of the green initiative.