Tag Heuer Boutiques, Worldwide, 2006-2007

I was part of the project team while working at ODB Architects in Milan, Italy, on this competition winning scheme to create a new corporate image for Tag Heuer’s boutique stores across the globe.

The proposed scheme included the design of all interiors, display cases, furniture and any other special items. The concept incorporated a retro-illuminated “diamond” pattern that was used previously on Tag Heuer’s exhibition stand at Baselworld (also deisgned by ODB Architects). The feature element links the projects and formed part of Tag Heuer’s corporate image. The almost arbitrarily placed linear elements symbolise the notion of movement in terms of space-time; time is a quantifiable measurement that Tag Heuer are specialists in.

The materials pallette was kept to a minimum, using Tag Heuer’s preferred materials, which are both timeless and elegant, contemporary yet familiar. Special care was taken in designing clear and obvious displays for watches, which are treated like precious objects as a the fundamental element within the boutiques.