North Carlton Townhouse, Melbourne, Australia, 2003-

This proposed new townhouse was to be located over an existing open carpark, at the rear of an existing inner-city terrace house.

The structure was to be raised on steel portal frames, to enable clear space below for common car parking. A new covered steel gangway links the building to the external stairs, designed by SG2 design at an earlier stage, which lead to the main street. High-level clerestory windows maximise northern light and allow for fresh air and views out from all rooms, while respecting the neighbour’s privacy. Openable louvres help achieve a ‘venturi effect’ to cool the apartment in summer, while northern sunlight warms the spaces in winter.

The curved north wall creates an interesting internal space and an exciting sculptural alternative to the typical brick “shoebox” additions that are prevalent in the area. The steel cladding is light-weight and cost effective, allowing for changes in colour to break-up the mass of the building. The scheme was later re-designed to include a mezzanine level; both schemes were granted Town Planning approval.