Newman House, Melbourne, Australia, 2013

This project was done with Collodetti & Partners and involved the addition of new a three-storey student housing complex, to an existing two-storey residence at Melbourne University.

The existing historic red brick residence lies within a heritage district, which includes the Unesco-listed ‘Newman College’ designed by renowned Architect, Walter Burley Griffin in 1916. The subject site is quite prominent and unique in that it is triangular in form and located at the end of a relatively quiet residential street. The proposed residence was designed as a wedge in-fill to complete the footprint of the site, that previously accommodated an old garage with outdoor car park.

The triangular form of the new addition is connected to the existing building via a central ramp and bridge, which transitions the changes in levels from the existing two-storeys to three. The new window openings are randomly placed, yet respect the vertical nature and proportions of the windows on the existing residence. New vertical stone and metal claddings create a respectful contrast to the existing brick building and pay homage to the prominent materials used on Newman College across the road.