Beach House, Lorne, Australia, 2008-2009

This project was done in collaboration with Archiforma and involved the extension of a single-storey beach house in Waverley Avenue, Lorne.

The new additions consist of a series of terraces/blocks that step-down the site to respect and take advantage of the natural slope. In doing so the new additions become almost invisible from the street and create three distinct and separate living quarters. These areas are accessible from separate entries that lead off the main driveway, or alternatively via a communal staircase.

Two floating boxes make-up the composition and are emphasised on the south elevation to break-up an otherwise monolithic form. Roof terraces located on top of each block lead directly off the main living areas, which are fully glazed on the south side to maximise ocean views. The proposed materials are predominantly render finish to unify the existing house with the new additions; the render colours are varying shades of green to help integrate the house within it’s woodland context.