Camberwell Duplex, Melbourne, Australia, 2014-2017

Two new duplex townhouses were proposed to replace an existing weatherboard house in Judd Street, which lies within a quiet and leafy suburban environment. The units are designed to maximise floor area while respecting the surrounding context.

The design aesthetic was partly in response to the client’s appreciation for Japanese Architecture and culture. The brief asked for low maintenance, energy efficient units, which was addressed through proper solar orientation and sensitive design. Skillion roofs with large overhangs help to express the forms and provide shelter from the elements. High-level clerestory windows with operable louvres allow for cross-flow ventilation and heat extraction in summer. Green roofs were proposed to increase thermal insulation and permeability for rainwater retention, while also create a secondary “backyard” outlook for first floor living areas.

The materials pallette was kept simple yet consists of refined materials such as terracotta, Rhinezinc and timber cladding to highlight the overall design.