Bovisa University Campus, Milano, Italy, 1999

I was part of the project team while doing a work experience at Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm in Tokyo, Japan, for an international competition to design a new University campus for the ‘Politecnico di Milano’. The project was the winning scheme.

The design concept for the campus was essentially to create a city within city, where the site transforms from a place of energy production into a place of “intellectual” production. Landscape plays an important part, where a series of canals are created to make reference to Milan’s famous ‘navigli’ , which are used for the flow of people and information. Functional islands and break-out spaces branch off the canals and create a more human scale to an otherwise vast and massive context. The gasometers were transformed into multi-purpose spaces and an open air auditorium. The scheme was unfortunately not realised, but was a very rewarding experience nonetheless.