South-East Secondary College, Bendigo, Australia, 2009-2010

I was part of the project team while working at Hassell, for the design of a proposed new rural school campus (capacity 2,000 students) to replace an existing school in Bendigo.

The campus consists of seven new buildings, arranged in a horse-shoe formation around a central agora. Each building serves a different function such as classrooms, technical facilities, multi-purpose hall/auditorim, etc. The buildings are visually linked via an internal colonnade of V-shaped steel beams and columns. Each building has a tiled facade pattern of fibre-cement panels, painted in different colours of the rainbow.

The new buildings focus on ESD principles, relying on louvres for cross-flow ventilation, evaporative cooling, rainwater harvesting tanks and are fully equipped with detectors to monitor each building’s water and energy consumption. I focussed primarily on the design and documentation of the multipurpose hall and technical workshop buildings, coordinating specialist consultants and liaising with the school principal and the Education Board.