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RESTAURANT FIT-OUT. Melbourne, Australia, 2016.
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slide show gallery

This project involved the fit-out of an existing retail store into a proposed new Italian reaturant/ pizzeria in Camberwell.

The existing space is deep and narrow, the only natural light enters through a fully glazed shop-front and some high-level windows at the rear (which were covered over). An existing mezzanine level provides an opportunity for a private dining area above.

The proposed new fit-out aims to create a refined, warm family environment using a simple pallette of good quality, robust materials such as natural timbers, stones, ceramics, bronze, leather, painted steelwork and dark mirrors, to evoke a distinct mediterranean feel. Proposed tones and colours are kept to a minimum and are predominantly earthy, neutral and refined. Suspended timber beams visually break-up the extensive ceiling and help to create acoustic buffers, which is a problem often over-looked in many cafe` and restaurant spaces.

A semi-circular bar & wood-fired pizza preparation area is located at the front of the space, to provide a striking feature element that interrupts the long space and encourages visual interraction between staff and customers. The proposed pizza oven is lined with small mosaic tiles that create a "jewel in the crown" element, to highlight its importance within the space. The central bar is also reminiscent of domestic fireplaces, which helps create a more casual "living room" atmosphere within the restaurant.

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