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MOVADO STAND. Basel, Switzerland, 2006.
Movado Stand

I was part of the project team while working at ODB Architects in Milan, Italy, to redesign the 'Movado' exhibition stand for the 'Baselworld' watch fair, which is held in Basel each year. The new stand was to provide a fresh image for Movado watches in 2006

The exhibition stand is on display for approximately two weeks every April. It is a temporary structure that needs to be assembled on site, then pulled apart and transported to a storage depot once the fair is over. The stand is first pre-assembled in a warehouse to check all dimensions, materials, joints and finishes, which are then correct if necessary before final assembly in Basel.

The Movado stand is located next to the Concorde stand (also designed by ODB Architects), both of which are rectangular structures. The Movado stand was modified by "slicing" it at an angle, to create a more public open space in-between the two stands and also to be more visually striking. Black Corian was used as cladding for the front facade, to maintain Movado's corporate identity and image and also to create a strong contrast with the existing predominantly white stand. The interiors on the ground floor were all redesigned according to the Movado theme, using barrisol panels on the ceiling to provide uniform lighting throughout and well as to avoid excessive heat from commonly used spotlights (a problem in low-ceilinged spaces). Plasma screens were placed on the internal rear wall,  which show promotional videos and animate the space, encouraging passers-by to enter the stand. All display cabinets and totems, reception desk and bar were also redesigned.


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