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IVANHOE HOUSE EXTENSION. Melbourne, Australia, 1999.
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This project involved a new second-storey addition, plus complete internal refurbishment of existing ground floor areas, to a single-storey house in Beauview Parade.

The owner's interest in "Gaudiesque" elements drove us to use tiles to express exterior design elements and forms. The master bedroom was designed as a circular space with a centrally-located bed, to maximise the surrounding city views; the ensuite bath was similarly positioned to capture views beyond.

A small internal garden separates the master bedroom from the ensuite, to create a little 'oasis' and winter garden for the occupants, as well as a gradual transition between the terrace and sleeping quarters. An existing verandah at the back of the house created the ideal opportunity for separate terraces leading-off the daughter's bedrooms.

The existing two-tone brickwork created a limited palette option for new materials, so we opted for different shades of grey and white "tiled stripes", to complement the brickwork. These "stripes" also act as an optical illusion to distort one's perception of the physical extent of new additions. This technique was inspired by 'dazzle painting', which was a camouflage system used on battleships during the second world war. The stripes visually break-up the overall dimensions of the house, blurring the boundary between old and new and old, which we were concerned as new cream bricks would never match existing.

The front section of the second storey addition was setback and chamfered to minimise the visual impact from the street due to heritage restrictions. A new two-storey glass stair enclosure was designed with a random patchwork of textured, opaque and clear glass to screen and filter the harsh afternoon sun; the pattern was inspired by Piet Mondrian's abstract paintings.

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