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I was part of the project team while working at Conix Architects in Brussels, Belgium, to design a new interior fit-out for the 'Gates' manufacturing office headquarters in Belgium.

The company manufacture engine belts, which became the generating idea behind the "red ribbon" and reception desk (whose desktop was to be lined with rubber); these elements are free-flowing yet controlled forms, the deisre was to express the notion of what the company actually manufactures through form. The reception area was enclosed in a triangular form, which separates two meeting rooms (used for quick meetings with representatives) from the reception desk. The enclosure was designed in such a way to dedicate an actual 'zone' for the reception and waiting areas, in the otherwise open-planned space.

The manager's offices and conference rooms were animated and differentiated with the use of super-graphics, such as 'SA1' which stands for 'Sales office 1', or 'PCY' which stands for 'Presidency'. The service areas and toilets also included supergraphics on the doors and use the colour red throughout.

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