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FOOTSCRAY RENOVATION. Melbourne, Australia, 2015-
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Located on the the outskirts of Melbourne's CBD, this projects in Commercial Road involves the demolition of existing rear lean-to structures, to be replaced with new living areas, workshop and rear deck, along with general improvements to the existing internal layout.

The corner house lies within a heritage overlay, which ensured we had to respect the existing front facades and improve on them. I proposed maintaining a similar design aesthetic to the predominant style, while at the same time creating a contemporary feel with the new additions.

A new skillion roof creates a junction between the old and new areas, which is expressed at the apex end via a series of openable clerestory windows located due north. These windows allow for accumulated rising hot air to be vented from proposed new areas during summer months, providing a simple passive-cooling system. The skillion roof extends out laterally via a series of timber battens, which create a solar shade structure over the proposed new deck, to help express the roof structure and provide shelter from the midday sun. The proposed new additions use the same language and materials used on the existing house, to help unify the appearance and marry new areas to the old.

Construction works are due to commence by 2016.

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