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I was part of the project team while working at Bruce Henderson Architects, for an international competition to redevelop Melbourne's iconic Flinders Street railway station.

Our proposal was to cover the existing platforms with a massive podium that bridged across the railways tracks and platforms, onto which would be placed a series of buildings and open spaces on the East end, dedicated for commercial use. The proposed buildings are arranged orthogonally as an extension of Melbourne's prominent Hoddle grid. The building blocks overlap and cantilever, with void spaces in-between that would become public plazas, light shafts and openings to the railway tracks and platforms below.

The West end was developed as a more free-flowing organic series of undulating green 'fingers', which would be dedicated to parkland and recreation space above and a series of buildings underneath to house a new shopping complex, sports facilities and residential apartments. This area was intended to be the 'self-funding' method for the rest of the development.

New public entry points were proposed along Flinders Street and St. Kilda Road and the existing station building would to be restored to incorporate a number of residential apartments and administration facilities. Proposed public pavilions placed along the Yarra River's edge would provide alternate means of water access to the overall complex, which would encourage regeneration of the river front to the public.

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