Fed. Square Saga

An interesting article in ‘The Age’ today has left me a bit disturbed:


This on-going saga about the new Apple store at Federation Square is becoming more annoying. One can understand business interests and the need for confidentiality agreements to be in place, but since when should a foreign corporation have power over a state government or local authority? I haven’t been one to jump on the bandwagon of disgust about the current proposal, but this latest act from the multinational seems rather offensive now. After all, the proposed store is to be located within a public space, not a privately-owned shopping centre. Since when should a public square be “making a profit” anyway? Is that what the sole objective of a general gathering space ought to be? By that rationale should we paying entry fees to access public parks as well?!

The general public should start reducing a mass-consumer way of thinking if any serious changes are to occur..