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BRUNSWICK APARTMENTS. Melbourne, Australia, 2014-

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This project, done with Divitcos Architecture, involves the design of ten new townhouse apartments to replace an existing dwelling plus retro-fit a 1960's apartment complex on a site in Brunswick. The units are designed to maximise floor area and provide a point of interest to an otherwise bland corner context, dominated by low-rise unit housing.

The proposed apartments are laid-out sequentially along the deep narrow site, with new parking, entries and gardens located on ground floor. Private rooftop terraces are also proposed and solar HWS units and panels have been incorporated to boost energy efficiency as well.

A large splayed overhanging canopy highlights the main entry while protecting it from the elements; it also helps express and counter the mainly rigid orthogonal streetscape, formed by the neighbouring unit complexes. The materials pallette has been kept simple and consists primarily of rendered masonry, metal and timber cladding.


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