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'DOLOMITI E-BIKE' SHOPS. Melbourne, Australia, 2014.
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This project involved the refurbishment of an existing retail/ office space in Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe, which covers approximately 200m2 of floor space. The existing complex contains three split-level retail shopfronts, each sub-divided into two separate areas that were formerly occupied by another well-known bicycle store. The property also contains a single-storey dwelling that is intended for future administration office use.

The buildings were left empty for two years and in a bad state of dis-repair, which meant significant works were required to refurbish the spaces to a presentable state. All areas were re-lined with new ceilings, floor coverings and wall treatments. Significant work also went into re-wiring and making the spaces compliant with current building regulations.

The previous design concept for the electric bicycle store was maintained as much as possible and existing furniture and light fittings were transferred from the former Carlton-located store for re-use. The colour scheme was co-ordinated in response to existing furniture display units and corporate colours and logos.

A large carpet runner was proposed to 'unify' all spaces and create a suggested path to navigate the stores; it takes reference from painted green bike paths found throughout the streets. The exterior was kept subtle and subdued in contrast to brighter and more colourful interiors, which become enhanced at night when lit, to focus one's attention on the products displayed within.

The project was completed in approximately two months, from schematic design to hand-over. To view the opening night, click on the link below:

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