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NORTH CARLTON STUDIO. Melbourne, Australia, 2016.

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This project involved the addition of a proposed new detached studio space, located at the rear of a existing two storey dwelling in Canning Street.

The existing house lies within a heritage overlay and is surrounded by predominantly low-rise townhouses. The existing site conditions are quite restrictive and include a feature swimming pool in the rear courtyard. The proposed unit was therefore designed to be as non-invasive as possible, by essentially cantilvering on a steel framed structure over the car space and pool. An attempt was made to retain the established palm trees and landscape as well.

The overall form of the proposed unit respects stringent setback requirements and emulates the predominant roof forms of neighbouring dwellings. Zinc cladding and terracotta shingles were proposed, to provide some material richness and to complement the brickwork used on the exisiting house and surrounding buildings.

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