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OHENE DJAN STADIUM. Accra, Ghana, 2005-2006.
slide show gallery

slide show gallery

I was part of the project team while working at ODB Architects in Milan, Italy, for the €100M proposed upgrade of an existing football stadium in Accra.

The scheme was initially based on a design that included two new roof coverings for recently-expanded lateral spectator stands. The roofed areas were representations of Ghanese stools/chairs, which are unique to each tribe and are usually built from wood and adorned with ornaments. The underside of the roofed areas were to be lined in a teflon fabric; the sub-structure was designed to be similar to the interior of a zeppelin, which uses prefabricated steel trusses and space frames. Each frame was to be prefabricated and assembled on site.

The existing proposal was modified to a more simplified version; it is a scaled-down alternative with some slight design changes, which includes one roofed section over the VIP stand (with journalist's / media 'pods' beneath) and a more unified 'ring-like' configuration for the seating stands, which can be seen in the following images. All interior spaces were redesigned to include commercial shops, training areas, change rooms, etc.

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