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TAG HEUER STAND. Basel, Switzerland, 2005-2006.
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I was part of the project team while working at ODB Architects in Milan, Italy, in this winning competition scheme for the design of a new 'Tag Heuer' exhibition stand for the 'Baselworld' watch fair, which is held in Basel each year.

The design itself was intended to be bold and memorable, to stand out from the other pavilions at the fair. In plan, the approach and entry to the stand (based on it's position within the fairground) was the generating force. One of the bottom corners of the stand's rectangular volume was pulled back to the required distance, to create a semi-public foyer space and main entry where most people would approach the stand from. A "boat-like" form was generated in 3D as a consequence; the boat is symbollic of Tag Heuer's involvement in the world of sport, namely motor and yacht racing.

The stand is clad in a series of 1cm thick aluminium plate triangles, individually mounted on a substrate that consists of neon retro-illuminated barrisol fabric. The striking triangular pattern evokes a "diamond-like" quality, which is symbollic of Tag Heuer's status in the world of prestige and luxury items. The fine details and high-quality materials used throughout the project are synonymous with Tag Heuer's reputation for precision and reliablity. The materials used were predominantly wood, glass, stainless steel and aluminium, which are Tag Heuer's preferred materials; carbon fibre was also used for some of the finer elements and details. The budget for construction was approximately €4M.

A typical office interior and furniture items were prototyped at full-scale, prior to construction at the Bodino Group factory in Torino, Italy. The stand was pre-assembled at the factory before being transported to Basel, to check that all proportions and details were correct. The stand is a prefabricated structure that needs to be assembled and dis-assembled each year for the baselworld fair, for the stand's lifespan.

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