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HIGH AND MIGHTY STORE. Sydney, Australia, 2015.
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This project was done with Divitcos Architecture and involved the complete new fit-out of an existing retail space within a Heritage-listed building in George Street, Sydney.

The existing building contains several key features that couldn't be altered and no fixings were allowed on the floors, walls and ceilings without prior Heritage consent. All display cabinets and shelving were therefore designed as stand-alone units that were made off-site and placed in-situ. Special free-standing powdercoated metal structures with feature pendant lights were erected in key locations, to act as visual points of interest for the main counter and display areas. A large video-screen wall was placed at one of the points opposite the main entry, to display the company logo and other various promotional material. Suspended track lighting was installed along the ceiling, to enable the space to be illuminated while creating minimal impact on the Heritage-listed ceilings; the original colours and chandelliers were also retained as part of the requirements.

The display units are divided into key zones: the shorter and lighter-toned units are placed towards the front of the store to display more casual and informal attire and the taller, darker-toned units are placed towards the rear of the store to display more formal attire such as suits. LED llighting strips were incorporated into the units to better display the products and provide soft atmospheric lighting to the space.

The materials used are predominantly timber veneers, soft fabrics, polished steels and backlit-'marblo' (acrylic marble), which complement and enhance the existing materials pallette of mainly timber and various marble finishes. The overall feeling and ambience we wanted to create for the brand and store was one of refined-luxury and timeless-elegance, to support the quality of the labels and clothing being displayed.

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